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Product details

Including design box, brochure, microfibre cleaning cloth and case

glasses size: 49□21-155 (49=lens width in mm), (21=bridge width in mm), (155=stem length in mm) 
Glasses shape: Round Square
UV protection: 
100 % UV-Filter
Tint Level: 20% (slightly tinted, slight green/grey gradient)
Glasses: hard coating, anti-reflective coating
Rilsan (Bio-Based) and plastic lenses


A must for all sun worshipers. 
The high-quality unisex sunglasses go with every outfit and offer maximum protection for your eyes. The degree of tinting moves from 80% to 20% (lenses dark on top, light on bottom)

High quality lenses
with 100% UV protection

The lenses of the HYPREADER sunglasses offer 100% UV protection against solar radiation. The Degree of tint moves from 80% to 20% (lenses dark on top, light on bottom).


This HYPREADER is a pair of sunglasses made from sustainable bio-plastic (Rilsan) and is therefore unmatched in terms of durability, flexibility and lightness. Thanks to the extra-long and particularly flexible temples, there is no need to wear glasses and they can simply be hung around the neck.

  • Fit: Unisex
  • Material glasses: plastic
  • Properties glasses: Blue light filter, super anti-reflective coating, hard coating, 100% UV filter
  • Materials frame: Resistant bio-plastic Rilsan (natural material)
  • Scope of delivery: Glasses, design box, microfiber cleaning cloth, leather case, brochure
  • Sizes: 49 □ 21 –155
  • Pupillary Distance (PD): 61 mm

Please take care of your glasses

  • Use the supplied lens cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints, dust or other impurities.
  • Tip! You can also use our glasses cleaning cloth for your smartphone.
  • If necessary, please use only ph-neutral detergents or glass cleaning agents and lukewarm water.
  • Please avoid t-shirts and other clothing for cleaning.
  • Keep the glasses in the supplied case at temperatures between -20°C and 40°C.

CAUTION! Do not expose your glasses to high heat. For example, the dashboard in the car can heat up to over 80°C, which can severely damage your specially coated glasses.

One more thing

Our glasses meet the European standards for ready-made glasses DIN EN 14139 (Ophthalmic optics - Requirements for ready-made glasses) and sunglasses DIN EN ISO 12312 (Eye and face protection - Sunglasses and similar eye protection) and are suitable for near vision and reading, not for distance vision. Do not use for driving vehicles. Not suitable for looking directly into the sun or as eye protection. Please consult an ophthalmologist or optician-optometrist to check eye health and vision.

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