Terms of service

Terms of Service 

1. General 

All deliveries fromUStake place exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC), unless somethingaotherwise agreed. Regulations that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions only apply if thisAndfromUSexpressly and in writing before the conclusion of the contractssconfirmed wearth.deliveries throughUS do not count as consent. We arenot obliged to object to the general terms and conditions of the contractual partner, even if the validity of the same is stated as an express condition in these general terms and conditions. 

2. Offer and Closing 

The information given in price lists, catalogues, advertising media, etc. aboutourServices do not constitute offers, but annon-binding online catalogueDespite the greatest possible care, we reserve the right to possible errors, misprints, technical changes, color changes to the products shown in our online shop. The illustrations in the online shop may differ from the delivered product, especially in terms of color scheme and design details.  

The customer's order represents an offer to us to conclude the purchase contract.A contract is comingthrough ouracceptance. The customer is fromtheadoptionfromUSnotified by email. The order is accepted subject to the availability of delivery. If delivery is not possible, we can withdraw from the contract without being liable for damages.  

An order is only possible if all mandatory fields specified in the order form are filled out. Missing information orcan weIf the order is not fulfilled, the customer will receive a notification. Before the order is finally sent, the customer is given the opportunity to correct his order. The customer receives supporting detailed informationhereanddirectly during the ordering process. 

3. Prices 

OurPrices are inclusive of allstatutory duties and steer including sales tax, excluding shipping costs. The shipping costs are shown separately when orderingand are added to the price 

4. Payment, Maturity, Late Payment 

The goods can be paid for with PayPal, instant bank transfer and bank transfer throughKlarnaor by credit card. We reserve the right to exclude certain payment methods in individual cases. 

Unfortunately, payment by sending cash or checks is not possible. We exclude liability for any losses. 

When paying by credit card, the debit will be made after the goods have been dispatched. In the event of any returns, the invoice amount can be reduced accordingly.  

5. Execution of delivery and service

We supply as long as we are not out of stock. Whenno other delivery time displayed in the shopping cartwillwe deliver the ordered goodswithin14days after confirmation of the concluded contractUSWe are entitled to the agreed dates andDelivery times by up tooneto exceed week. Only after this period has expired can theCouldwithdraw from the contract after setting a reasonable period of grace. In the event that the ordered goods are not available, we will inform the customer of this by e-mail and reimburse the customer immediately for any consideration already received. 

If not all items ordered are in stock, we are entitled to make partial deliveries at our expense. 

5.1 Delivery 

We will ship your order the very next working day. If you did not receive a tracking number via email, please go to our contact page. 
If your order is too large to fit in your mailbox, you will be notified of the nearest collection center.  

If the package is not picked up, we will charge a penalty fee of €20. 

5.2 Shipping and Return Costs

EU countries + third countries

EU countries

Austria,Germany,Belgium,Poland Bulgaria,Croatia,Luxembourg,Ireland Italy,Denmark,Estonia,Finland France,Latvia,Lithuania,Netherlands Portugal,Romania,Sweden,Slovakia Slovenia,Spain,Czech Republic,Hungary Exception for Greece, Malta and Cyprus

Standard shipping and return costs EU countries : €5.50 Shipping and return costs Greece, Malta and Cyprus €17.90

third countries

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco United Kingdom, Norway

Shipping and return costs third countries : €17.90 

Complaints, warranty

Drawings, illustrations, dimensions, weights or other performance data are only binding if this has been expressly agreed in writing. Such information does not represent any assurances of properties.Customary, technical or minor deviations in size, weight, Layoutand color represent neither a case of warranty nor non-fulfilment of the contract. 

To assert warranty claimswe requestThe customersthe goods complained about, enclosing a copy of the invoiceUSto send in. In the case of sending a complained productwe wearthe cost of shipping.  

5.6. Limitation of Liability

All claims for damages are excluded in cases of slight negligenceThis does not apply to personal injuryor for damage to items accepted for processingnthingsWe are not liable for services provided by or obtained from third parties. 

The customer undertakes to read and follow the product description carefully. We assume no liability for incorrect use and application by the customer. 

6. Retention of Title

The goods remain our property until full payment has been made.Before the goods have been paid for in full, the customer is prohibited from pledging the goods, assigning them as security or granting rights to third parties. 

7. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Miscellaneous

Austrian law applies to the exclusion of the UN sales law and the reference standards of Austrian international private law.DThe invalidity of individual provisions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions. With regard to legally ineffective provisions, the contracting parties agree to close the loophole with one of the ineffective provisions that come closest. 

In the event of a dispute, the customer can contact the online dispute resolution platform of the European Union: https://ec.europa.ein / consumers / odr /