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Die Nachfüllflasche für deinen Brillenschaum von Hypreader. Die perfekte Reinigung ohne Alkohol für deine Brille

Für alle Brillen geeignet. Klare Sicht ohne Schlieren.

Füllmenge: 250 ml Nachfüllflasche 


  • schäumt ohne Treibgas
  • ohne Alkohol und frei von Silikonen
  • nicht scheuernd
  • pH-neutral
  • antistatisch

Unser Brillenreiniger ist ein Reinigungsschaum für streifenfreie und rückstandslose Reinigung der Brille.  Der Reiniger ist perfekt für alle Brillen jeglicher Art geeignet.

Please take care of your glasses

  • Use the supplied lens cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints, dust or other impurities.
  • Tip! You can also use our glasses cleaning cloth for your smartphone.
  • If necessary, please use only ph-neutral detergents or glass cleaning agents and lukewarm water.
  • Please avoid t-shirts and other clothing for cleaning.
  • Keep the glasses in the supplied case at temperatures between -20°C and 40°C.

CAUTION! Do not expose your glasses to high heat. For example, the dashboard in the car can heat up to over 80°C, which can severely damage your specially coated glasses.

One more thing

Our glasses meet the European standards for ready-made glasses DIN EN 14139 (Ophthalmic optics - Requirements for ready-made glasses) and sunglasses DIN EN ISO 12312 (Eye and face protection - Sunglasses and similar eye protection) and are suitable for near vision and reading, not for distance vision. Do not use for driving vehicles. Not suitable for looking directly into the sun or as eye protection. Please consult an ophthalmologist or optician-optometrist to check eye health and vision.

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