HYPREADER Blue is a pair of super lightweight reading glasses or screen glasses made of bio-plastic (Rilsan) with extra-long and flexible temples, high-quality anti-reflective lenses with blue light filter and 100% UV protection.

All glasses with colorless lenses are blue light filtering and are best suited for work, leisure, gmaing and surfing the internet.

The innovative frame

HYPREADER Blue is a pair of screen or read- ing glasses, with or without vision correction, made of sustainable bioplastics (Rilsan) and unrivaled in terms of durability, flexibility and light weight. The extra-long and extremely flexible temples mean that no glasses straps are necessary and the HYPREADER Blue can simply be hung around the neck.

High quality lenses with blue light filter and more

The high quality plastic lenses include a innovative blue light filter to prevent eye irritation, fatigue, headaches and dry eyes from work- ing in front of a screen. The result is increased concentration, a better quality of life and bet- ter sleep. And don't worry, your color per- ception is in no way affected by the blue light filter.

In addition to the blue light filter, the HYPREADER Blue lenses have a robust hard coating, 100% UV protection against sunlight and are super-anti-reflective, for an undisturbed and pleasant perception without scratches.

For pleasant reading in the sunshine, each of our glasses models can be easily equipped with a perfectly fitting metallic sun clip. The clip is 85% tinted and reduces reflections caused by sunlight through polarization. With our metallic sun clips, your favorite glasses are instantly turned into stylish sunglasses.

As reading glasses or screen glasses

HYPREADER Blue is available as reading glasses with blue light filter and antireflection coating in the strengths flat 0.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5,and +3.0. HYPREADER Blue can be used without strength (0 diopter) as stylish blue light protection, for screen workers and digital natives or for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts.