Caring for glasses: How to keep them beautiful and functional for longer

Glasses cleaning: Everything about caring for your glasses

Proper care of your glasses is crucial to extending their lifespan and ensuring clear vision at all times. In this article you will learn how to properly care for your glasses and what steps you should follow.

Daily cleaning

Cleaning your glasses daily is important to remove dirt and grease deposits:

  1. Gentle cleaning: Use lukewarm water and our glasses foam cleaner to gently clean the lenses and frame. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents that could damage the coating on the lenses.
  2. Microfiber cloth: Dry your glasses with a soft microfiber cloth. These cloths are specifically made to prevent scratches and keep lenses clean.
  3. No clothing: Avoid cleaning your glasses with your clothing as this can cause scratches.

Deep cleaning

Regular deep cleaning is necessary to remove stubborn dirt:

  1. Ultrasonic Cleaner: For an even more thorough cleaning, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner. These devices use ultrasonic waves to loosen dirt particles even in hard-to-reach places.


Storing your glasses correctly protects them from damage:

  1. Glasses case: Store your glasses in a sturdy case when you are not wearing them. A glasses case provides the best protection against bumps and scratches.
  2. Safe place: Do not place your glasses on unprotected surfaces. Make sure that the glasses do not come into contact with hard or rough objects.

Handling of the glasses

Handling your glasses carefully will help prevent damage:

  1. Two hands: Always remove the glasses with both hands to avoid deformation of the frame.
  2. Do not place on your head: Avoid placing the glasses on your head as this can expand and deform the frame.
  3. Check screws: Check the screws on your glasses regularly and tighten them if necessary to prevent the lenses from wobbling.

Caution with cosmetics

Cosmetics can dirty or damage the lenses of your glasses:

  1. Avoid contact: Avoid direct contact of makeup, hairspray or perfume with your glasses. These products can leave residue and attack the coating on the lenses.
  2. After application: Only put on your glasses after applying cosmetics to minimize contamination.


Proper care of your glasses ensures that they last a long time and always offer optimal vision. With the right cleaning methods and careful handling, your glasses will stay in top condition.

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