Blue light filter

We spend a lot of time every day, an average of around 50 hours a week, in front of screens, on smartphones, in the office or watching television or video games. All of these screens also emit blue light and this can cause headaches, itchy eyes and trouble sleeping, or even long-term irreversible damage to the eyes.

HYPREADER blue light filter for your health

Glasses with an integrated high-quality blue light filter can effectively reduce the negative consequences of blue light from screens. With HYPREADER blue light filter glasses you will sleep better (fall) asleep, work more productively in front of the screen and always look great.

Benefits of glasses with blue light filter

Sleep better: By wearing blue light filter glasses in the evening, you regulate the production of your melatonin level and thus get better rest.
More comfortable screen work: avoid itchy or burning eyes, increase your concentration and even reduce postural pain.

Look stylish: Glasses that help your health can also look really good, which is why we created HYPREADER."

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