Acetate: natural cotton on the nose

What does acetate actually mean?

You have probably heard this term in connection with glasses before. Acetate is a popular high-quality natural material for eyeglass frames and eyewear accessories. 

Visually you can hardly tell ordinary plastic from acetate - but acetate has a very different feel to traditional plastic and why is an acetate product more expensive? In this article we will explain why this is so.

Acetate is mostly cotton. would you have known

How is acetate made?

In a complex process, all plant, protein and wax residues are removed from the harvested cotton. The leftover cotton produces cellulose. This is processed into a powder and mixed with acetic acid and color pigments as required and cast in the form of a plate. The individual parts of glasses or glasses chains are sawn or milled from these plates. For the final touch, these individual parts are polished or matted. Finally, the individual parts are joined together. Et voila - this is how a high-quality product like glasses or in our case our glasses chains made of this wonderful natural material is created.

There are no limits to creativity - because with this natural material all imaginable patterns or colors can be designed.

The acetate is lightweight due to the cotton and is easy to shape. Due to its silky character, it feels pleasant on the skin.

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